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Krila - the therapeutic horseback riding or the adaptive riding for children with disabillities is a nongovernmental, not-for.profit charity civil organizatin founded in order to protect human rights and to comply the humanitarian, social and health beliefs as well as to achieve goals in directly helping childred with difficulties in development and people with disabilities.

 Presently, the Association employs three physotherapists who are educated for the hippotherapy treatements (holding the Certificates from the education in Slovenia), and an additional horseback riding coach educated in Croatia, an engineer for agriculture.

There are 15 horses engaged in the program, and many volunteers - 277. The clients come on private initiative and from Education Centers.

In 2007 Krila included in its curriculum the hippotherapy program, which is a professional therapy done by educated physiotherapists. It is the only organization in Croatian at the moment which has both the therapeutic riding and the hippotherapy treatment program.

Clients (155 in 2012) are mostly children cerebral palsy patients (83%) that benefit greatly from the hippotherapy in the sense of rehabilitation, life quality improvement and the adaptation of motor skills. We also offer Theraputic drama studio, Psychological consulting and many workshops during the year. For improving their skills we offer sport riding for children with disabilities and competitions on a national level.

Voluntary work is important for our association beyond measure. Our volunteers do a great deal of work, most importantly help children considering therapeutic riding which is supervised by our professional stuff.

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