Taught Me How To Walk

GRUNDTVIG „Taught me how to walk...“ partner meeting at the association ''Krila''

Greece (TRAG), Italy (Anche noi a cavallo) and Turkey (Meslek Yüksekokulu) 23.05.2013. – 26.05.2013.


The President of KRILA was met everybody upon their arrival and help the comers to reach the hotel and propose where can they eat and go for a city walk if they wanted.

Report From Turkey Visit

May 12 2014, Monday

We have met at Akhal Teke Riding Center at around 10am. After the first meeting and introducing the new attendees, we have a played a game called “team building and name games” with the leadership of project coordinator Yota Arvanitin. After that we had a coffee break and then we had a tour in the riding center. Detailed information about the riding center has provided to the attendees;

Programme of the study visit in TRAG 20-23/10/2013

TRAG LogoOn the 20/10 afternoon all participants had arrived in Athens safe and had the first visit in the city.

20-22/09/2012 Coordinating Meeting in Athens

TRAG LogoThe meeting started at 10:00am on 21/09. After the short coffee meeting we introduce ourselves to each other and we started our meeting.

Social inclusion in the therapeutic riding context

Thursday March 14th:

At 10 o'clock we all met at the riding school and after a first coffee we visited the premises. Anche Noi a Cavallo was founded 26 years ago and in 1990 it officially opened the riding premises in Porcia.

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