Taught Me How To Walk

20-22/09/2012 Coordinating Meeting in Athens

TRAG LogoThe meeting started at 10:00am on 21/09. After the short coffee meeting we introduce ourselves to each other and we started our meeting.

The coordinator of the project presented in details the whole project and each partner presented its activities and structures. After the coffee break we continued the discussion on how each partner can contribute to the implementation of the project, we exchange ideas and we build the basis of the implementation of the project and our common work. After the lunch break we met the trainers, some volunteers and the staff of the hosting partner who presented the structure, the horses and we followed some therapeutic sessions. Dinner was provided by TRAG in the premises.

Around the table at TRAG

On the 22/09 in the morning we continued the discussion on the activities and their time schedule, the division of the tasks, the communications methods we use and the duration and the content of each study visit. At the end of the day we had the final working programme and tasks of each partner. After the evaluation of the meeting we gave the next appointment in Italy in March of 2013.

Group photo at TRAG

Our Partners

These are our partners in the project. Each site contains this site in its native language as well as information for that country.


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