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Programme of the study visit in TRAG 20-23/10/2013

TRAG LogoOn the 20/10 afternoon all participants had arrived in Athens safe and had the first visit in the city.


On the 21st of October in the morning we all met in the premises of Therapeutic Riding Association of Greece. Unfortunately nobody from Italy could participate in this study visit. The groups consisted by participants who had already met during the previous study visits and new comers as well. We took some time to introduce each other and create a nice and friendly environment for everyone. Around 10:30 there was a guided visit to the premises with the participation of the staff members who explain their role in the association and answered all the questions related to their duties. At 12:00 the first presentation took place which was about the Grooming as a method for occupational therapy. After lunch the participants has the opportunity to observe the demonstration of a grooming therapy lesson and discuss with the therapist, the assistants and the beneficiary.

Meeting at TRAGGrooming Therapy

The second day was dedicated to autism and athletic therapeutic riding. In the morning there was a demonstration of athletic therapeutic riding and after the coffee break they had the opportunity to listen to the presentation of the therapeutic techniques for Autism. After lunch they observed therapeutic riding lesson with autistic beneficiaries and discussed with the therapist and the assistants.

The day ends with the evaluation of the meeting which was very positive because although they all have grooming sessions they realised that there are differences in the implementation and they were happy to try new methods. Also some of the participants were not aware of the techniques for autism and they were very satisfied that they had this session on autism. The last part of the meeting was the coordination meeting in which the discussion was about the communication, the next mobility and the use of the webpage. The visit finished with traditional greek diner in a tavern.

Dinner at the tavernaGroup photo

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