Taught Me How To Walk

Taught Me How To Walk logo

The logo developed for the Grundtvig program “Taught me how to walk” originated from the idea of combining the two main characters of the project, horse and human being, in an essential way.

The deep contact that arises between them, through hippotherapy, brought me to the idea of combining the two in a single form. In this specific case the focus is posed on the process of learning how to walk thanks to horses and therefore proceed together. Foot and hoof merge into one shape where positive and negative forms complete each other and are reciprocally necessary (essential).

The logo can be used with or without the name/title “Taught me how to walk” depending on whether the latter is already clearly present. When using the name, it has to be placed on the upper left side of the logo, using the Parmigiano Sans Black font, all caps. All proportions must be respected.

Irene Beltrame

The logo above has been selected by the partners after a careful study of all the logo's that have been submitted.



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