Taught Me How To Walk

Therapeutic horse riding activities contribute to improving the health, the interpersonal and the socialization of the beneficiary as well as the trainers and the volunteers involved. People who are in any relation with horses and their environment have to follow rules, respect the timetable, be patient and cooperative. Since there is no common approach and therapeutic method we believe that it is necessary to create a space to exchange and experience our knowledge, working methods and practices (what to adapt and what to avoid).

wheelchair and riderThe project proposal is the outcome of the necessity to improve the already used therapeutic methods and moreover to explore, exchange and experience new ones. Each partner organisation has its own approach (ippotherapy, therapeutic horse riding), follows different therapeutic method, works with different target groups, works in different cultural and socioeconomic environment.

Each organisation follows different working methods, has different priorities and training system for the trainers and the volunteers who support its activities.

All the involved partners believe that it is important for our development and improvement to create a common space in order to learn from each other, discuss the different working and therapeutic methods, compare them and finally come out with some good practices guidelines.




The organisations which are involved in the proposed project are from:

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