Taught Me How To Walk

GRUNDTVIG „Taught me how to walk...“ partner meeting at the association ''Krila''

Greece (TRAG), Italy (Anche noi a cavallo) and Turkey (Meslek Yüksekokulu) 23.05.2013. – 26.05.2013.


The President of KRILA was met everybody upon their arrival and help the comers to reach the hotel and propose where can they eat and go for a city walk if they wanted.


24.05. Presentation of the premises and presentation of the hippotheraphy programme


At 10:00 am we all met at KRILA’s premises. Coffee and tea were offered and the visitors had the opportunity to meet the people of the association and be familiar with the place by ourselves. At 10:30 a guided tour was organised to the premises during which Mr Sasa Tuksar (the national coordinator) gave some information about the different parts of the place (a more detailed presentation of the premises combined with the activities would be followed). At 11:30 we all met in the meeting room and the first indoor activity was the presentation of the association (the activities, the people involved, the history of the location). At 12:00 one of the therapists presented the method of hippotherapy which was followed by discussion with a lot of questions. Between 13:30 – 14,45 we had lunch organised by KRILA. At 15:00 there was the presentation of Bobath therapeutic method. At 16:30 there was a demonstration of hippotherapy session and at 17:00 we left the place to go and visit the city.


25.05. SECOND DAY'S WORK- SATURDAY – sport section and volunteering

After the morning coffee at 10:00 there was a sport demonstration by the beneficiaries and their trainers.

Between 12:00 and 13:30 we had lunch at the premises and after the lunch break we continued with the presentation of the volunteers’ programme of KRILA. The discussion was vital for all partners and participants because all the associations suffer from lack of human and finances resources. At 15:30 we had coffee break and then, at 16:00, the evaluation of the meeting and the coordinators’ meeting to discuss the so far implemented activities and the future ones. The meeting ended at 18:00 and then we went out and joined the people who prepared the barbecue party, offered by the association.

The meeting was very successful, all participants were very satisfied and left the venue having in their “bags” many information and new ideas and friends.

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